NaNoWriMo Blues.

So, day 7. I’m 4000 words behind still. Though, I did start on Day 4. Mixed emotions there really yay for haing written 7000 words in three days, boo for being behind. Today I was supposed to concern myself mostly with college work I intended to write some words for my dissertation ( I did, 86 of them most of which I will have to delete at a later stage) and make some work and a video. I did make work today. Very little of which I actually think will be relevant to my final project, but I digress. I wanted to loosely model my novel on Pat Barker’s Regeneration but include a fantasy world twist. However I’m 7000 words in with no chapter breaks in place yet and some really rather long paragraphs and no action in the fantastical sense of the word. Sure there have been a few dramatic moments, and we’re about to get into the nitty gritty part of the mental instability of my protagonist, but I can’t help feeling that up until now I’ve just kind of ripped Barker off a little. well, a lot. I’m hoping that the fact I didn’t plan this until 4am on day 4 is kind of the reason for this and I’ll be able to finish early and edit a little to make it more my own. On a more positive note I feel like I have some really strong main characters whose personalities will certainly clash soon.I think I might pull an all nighter and blow my average word count out of the water then sleep until December.

tl;dr: I hate the beginning of my novel a fair bit. I hope I get time to edit it.

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